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Soft formations

Soft and soft sticky-Highly drillable formations such as clay, marl, gumbo and unconsolidated sands. Soft-medium-Low compressive strength sands, shales and anhydrites with hard layers intermixed.

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Medium formations

Medium-Moderate compressive strength sand, chalk, anhydrite and shale. Medium hard-Higher compressive strength with non or semi-sharp sand, shale, lime and anhydrite.

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Hard formations

Hard-High compressive strength with sharp layers of sand or siltstone. Extremely hard-Dense and sharp formations such as quartzite and volcanic rock.

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            Bestdrillingbits is the best e-commerce website that provides your drag bits, Tricones bits and PDC. Our customers come mainly from Central Europe , the Mediterranean Basin , the Middle East and balcans . These are not the only ones to trust us, we receive requests from all over the […]

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Hydrologist explains water well drilling process Roger Peery, explained the drilling process. Peery talked about the complicated components of the well drilling process: personnel needed, materials required and daily documentation. Then Peery got into the choices and decisions necessary to construct a well: determining what type of well to drill and design considerations, including depth to water, potential […]


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Bestdrillingbits, is the only website which offers a product range adapt suit your purpose. This video introduce yourself our stock.  TCI Tricones bits, Steel tooth tricones bits blades, PDC bits and Blades,  our filters, they will help you find the drilling bit that suit to your project. Looking for a type of formation (soft, medium, […]

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PDC ou PCD? Faire la différence.

PDC signifie Polycristallin Diamant Composite. Les PDC sont fabriqués en combinant certaines couches de diamants polycristallins (PCD) d’une couche de revêtement de carbure cémenté à haute température et haute pression . Les PDC sont les plus rigides parmi tous les outils diamantés. pdc_cutters sur   PCD signifie simplement Diamant Polycristallin. Le PCD sont normalement fait […]

Comment définir son IADC?

Comment définir son IADC? L’IADC c’est quoi? Cet outil est le code qui caractérise votre tricone. Il est défini selon votre type de terrain : tendre, moyen, durs ou dureté de terrain croissante. Il définit aussi le type de roulement, la présence ou l’absence de protection sur l’outil ainsi que les propriétés additionnelles. Exemple de […]

Comment trouver son outil rotary de forage ?

Best drilling bits vous propose des produits de qualité optimale adapté au monde du forage : Industrie pétrolière, minière, géotechnique, forage d’eau et fondations. Tricone, trilame ou PDC? Le B.A.BA du forage La différence la plus directe entre Tricone et trépans PDC sont les pièces mobiles utilisés dans les tricones. Les tricônes se composent de […]